What the heck is an AAACK!TM Pack?

An AAACK!TM Pack is a personalized, customizable, take-it-anywhere, for-life’s-little-emergencies travel kit. It contains the over-the-counter medications, toiletries, and other sundries unique to your personal preferences, whether you’re hiking in the mountains, going to a destination bachelorette party, or attending your favorite music fest. And, it holds just the right amount of product – if your trip is a quick overnighter, or even a semester-long adventure.

How much can I get in my pack?

The smallest AAACK!TM Pack can hold anywhere from 10 to 20 items, depending on their sizes. The largest pack accommodates 40 to 70 items.

What if I don’t like the pre-built pack?

Change it! Our premade packs are designed by health care professionals, however, we realize you might prefer aspirin over ibuprofen; or you could be a cherry flavor cough drop person, not a honey lemon. So, our easy-to-navigate website allows you to simply drag and drop what you want and don’t want into and out of your personal AAACK!TM Pack. We recognize and appreciate the fact that health care – and in particular, the medications you prefer – are very personal choices.

What if I like a product that’s not on your website?

Tell us. Please! We’re always looking for new travel products our customers might want and need. If it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the website so other travelers can benefit from your suggestion. Thank you, in advance, for your amazing ideas!

Can I get a different color pack?

Not yet, but it’s coming. You want a camo version for the hunter in your family or how about your school colors? We want that, too. Color-customized packs would be awesome, and we’re noodling on it right now. Stay tuned!

What happens when I run out of my medication?

Stop back by the website to easily and conveniently order refills. No sense driving around the city looking for those special travel-sized facial wipes. Just surf on over and get a discount on refills. And, don’t worry if you’re already on your trip, we’ll ship it wherever you are.

I noticed you sent a whole box of Band-Aids, but I only need a couple for my trip?

Yep, we don’t deal in single doses or onesies and twosies. When you buy from AAACK!TM you get multiple doses of travel-sized products for your pack, because we know your illness or issue could very likely last more than four hours! We suggest you pack just the number of Band-Aids you think you’ll need for this trip, and save the rest for future travels. Instead of squeezing in the entire box, you have five Band-Aids that are individually wrapped and take up much less space. And, you still have the box to resupply when needed.

Are your products TSA compliant?

Yes, 99 percent of our products are TSA compliant. We scour the marketplace to find items you can throw in your carry-on and breeze through security with. If it’s not TSA compliant, we’ll tell you, and you can decide whether you need it. You can always pack it in your checked bag if you think it’s a must-have.

How do you determine what goes in a pack?

Our advisory panel of health care professionals (see About Us) steers the content decisions for each pack. While they know health care, they don’t know YOU! So, we strongly encourage you to customize your AAACK!™ Pack to meet your specific travel needs.

What if I don’t like any of your suggestions?

WHAT? Okay, it could happen. Just start from scratch by selecting a pack size and building your very own pack from the ground up. What you prefer, in the sizes you like, all for you.

What if I just want a pack, but no medications?

You can certainly buy an AAACK!™ Pack without any meds. We know our unique, patent-pending design can accommodate lots of other things besides medications. In fact, the full stack with all the pods can hold electronics (power adapter, iPhones), snacks, batteries, and all sorts of other items. But, we hope you buy a few medications, so you’ll be prepared for life’s little emergencies.

What’s the biggest pack you market?

At AAACK!TM one of our primary markets is those living away from home for long stretches of time. You’re most likely students heading off to freshman dorm life, but you could also be extended business trippers, winter snow birds, or digital nomads. For you, we recommend the largest pack, which consists of all the pods available. This Big Daddy pack can be loaded up to address just about any potential AAACK!TM moment, providing you with the utmost assurance that you’re prepared for life’s little emergencies. We also think it makes a great graduation gift. (Hint, hint, Mom and Dad.)

It looks like the smallest medicinal size you sell is approximately a 10-count. What’s up with that?

We believe a single dose of anything is borderline useless. Our mission is to provide sizes that can provide care for 24 to 48 hours, maybe a little longer. If your issue is unresolved by then, it may be time to see a health care professional. We also know most people travel with friends and family, and since you’re all sharing germs, why not also share the antidote!

What if I keep seeing items I want, how will they fit in my pack?

As you continue to shop our site, our wizard-behind-the-curtain keeps track of your items. Once you exceed the size capacity of your pack, we’ll automatically increase it to the next size up. The updated price, as well as a visual representation of the pack will appear on your screen, so you can see whether it’s right for you. Similarly, as you remove items, we’ll decrease your pack size, so you’re getting just the space you need for your selected items. You only get what you really need. Cool, right?

Once I deconstructed my meds and prepared my pack I realized I had more room. What’s up?

As stated elsewhere, we don’t believe in single doses, so we market travel sizes, or in some cases what you’d find at your local pharmacy. We don’t know whether you plan to take all the Band-Aids or whether you’re going to pull a few out, so we have to be conservative and ensure you will always have enough room for ALL of the items you ordered. If you configure your pack differently, and you’ve got extra room, sweet! Keep shopping our site for more travel products, or add some more stuff you already have at home.

What’s your return policy?

Whoa, there big fella!! A return? Say it ain't so! We're devastated that someone would even consider returning one of our fine products. Was it the pack? I'll track down those design guys ASAP? A product opened during shipping? The USPS will hear from me!

While we're terribly disappointed, we do have a stellar return policy only surpassed by our great products. Please be aware that some opened products cannot be returned through the mail and our policy for returns is limited to 14 days after receipt. However, please contact us to discuss the options. We like to hear from our customers even the ones who are not particularly pleased.  

Please email: [email protected] and we'll walk you through the returns process. And call us if you'd like to discuss the experience at 512.965.3089.

I left on my trip and forgot to order my pack. What do I do?

No problem, just go to www.aaackpacks.com, order your pack, and we’ll send it to wherever you’re staying.

OK, I read through all the FAQs and still didn’t find the information I was looking for?

No problem, email or call the AAACK! Man (aka, the company president). If he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll find it for you. He can be reached at [email protected] or 512.965.3089. He (very) occasionally sleeps, and he’s also pretty busy so leave a message if he doesn’t pick up.