CNBC Coverage

AAACK Packs gets covered by CNBC before the 2018 International Travel Goods Show.

New travel gadgets for the busy road warrior


Starting on Tuesday, the latest in high-tech luggage, travel gear and accessories will go on display in Las Vegas, thanks to the annual trade event known as the International Travel Goods show.

Some available items, like a $3,250 carry-on, are both pretty and pricey. Others, such as a bathroom kit that includes a yard of toilet paper and sanitary wipes, are a low-priced but practical accessory to have handy on any trip. CNBC got a preview of some of the new offerings expected to be featured at this year’s show.

    • Be prepared

      AAACK Packs are zip-together modular travel pods that can be filled with activity-specific supplies. The Allergy Pack is heavy on antihistamines and decongestants, for example, while the Executive version includes anti-wrinkle spray, stain remover and earplugs and the Music Fest Pack is stocked with sunscreen, ear plugs and hand sanitizer. Want Advil instead of Tylenol? “Change it online with a couple of clicks before you buy,” said AAACK Pack founder and president Allen Whitley. Price: Between $23.98 and $64.35.


      Source: AAACK! Packs